Karen Siewert

“May I please introduce myself to you. My name is Karen and I am 73 years of age. For years I suffered with diverticulitis. I was hospitalized with IV drips about 5 or 6 years ago because my white cell count was so high. Taking laxatives is not the answer to this problem. Dr. Kleinman has some help available if you suffer from this problem.

It is wonderful not to suffer from headaches, joint problems, constipation and allergy issues. Chiropractic and supplements are allowing me to enjoy life every day. I am now able to enjoy golfing, sewing, knitting again as well as doing household chores without pain.–Karen”

Leigh Ann Black

I have been coming to O’Neil Chiropractic since July of last year. I was having chronic low back pain that radiated down my legs. The pain became so server that I could barely walk. This pain had been continuing for 10 years from a fall that had occurred. This pain and condition was causing me daily pain, loss of sleep, frustration, and even depression. Previously I had back surgery 17 years ago for two herniated disc. The relief from the surgery was temporary. I waited 15 years after that before I began my chiropractic care. Not long after my care began, I was seeing lasting results.

I was referred to Dr. Dana O’Neil by my previous chiropractor Dr. Carol Ward when she moved to Florida. On my first appointment to his office, Dr. O’Neil and his staff was very warm and welcoming and always pleasant. I was put under a treatment plan that matched my pain and comfort level. I am now down to coming once a month and feeling great. I very rarely have the chronic low back pain. Chiropractic has given me lasting relief that at one point I did not think was possible!

Jeff Black

I have been coming to O’Neil Chiropractic since October of last year. I was having constant pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. These issues have been going on for 33 years. I was tired all the time and the constant pain was keeping me from adequate rest. I had been under chiropractic care with Dr. Carol Ward; she had been providing some relief for my pain. When she moved to Florida, Dr. Ward referred me to Dr. Dana O’Neil. My first appointment at O’Neil Chiropractic, Dr. O’Neil and the staff were very welcoming and they seemed to genuinely care. I have never known a chiropractor with so much energy. The treatment plan that Dr. O’Neil placed me on was based on my level of pain and what he thought would work for me. As my pain decreased the treatment plan frequency has reduced as well. The more of the treatment plan that I completed; I began feeling better and better. I have referred some family to O’Neil Chiropractic; the frequent adjustments help maintain my spinal alignment for a more pain free life!