How does Whiplash Occur?

Whiplash is a very common condition and is most often associated with car accidents, but can be caused by a variety of different activities such as contact sports, amusement park rides or head-banging to heavy metal music. There are a variety of factors that can predispose a person to a whiplash injury, such as vertebral subluxations, osteoporosis, arthritis, as well as prior whiplash injures.

There is some controversy surrounding how much force is needed to cause a whiplash injury, however it has been documented that a car accident occurring at 5 mph can pack enough force to cause one.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of a whiplash injury can vary greatly in terms of onset and severity, but some common symptoms associated with it are the following:

A loss or reduction in ability to move the neck
Neck stiffness and pain
Pain in arms and hands
Muscle spasm
Dizziness and/or vertigo
Blurred or altered vision
Ringing in ears
Sleep disturbances
Numbness/pins and needles in arms and hands

Here is a lesson from Dr. O’Neil.