Our chiropractors hear from patients who suffer from seasonal allergies and sinus congestion and are desperate for any remedy that can provide relief. Natural chiropractic care for those with sinus issues has proven to be very effective without over-the-counter or prescription drugs. A specific custom treatment regimen that addresses each client’s symptoms and underlying issues produces the best results. Sinusitis causes inflammation of the tissues surrounding the sinuses, which are eight hollow cavities in the skull. Sinuses are located in the cheekbones, in the forehead, between the eyes, and behind the nasal cavity. Approximately 37 million Americans suffer from at least one episode of sinusitis each year. The most common form of sinusitis, acute sinusitis, occurs when fluid blocks the tissues lining the sinuses and often leads to a bacterial infection.

Chiropractic care of sinusitis includes primarily symptomatic care with sinus drainage techniques such as facial and cranial bone manipulation; instruction in self-stretch of the sinuses (such as an outward pull of the cheek bones and different positions of the head.)

Here is a lesson from Dr. O’Neil.