Some information about infants and babies from Dr. Dana O’Neil!

Many of the problems parents experience with newborns and infants are symptoms of a neurological imbalance. If your little one has any of the following symptoms, consider a chiropractic consultation.
A disorder with no known cause, colic involves persistent crying along with tensed muscles throughout the abdomen, legs, and fingers. Nearly 20% of newborns experience colic.

•Arching of the back
A baby’s natural design promotes a flexed body position, allowing them to remain close to their mother. Excessive arching, stiffness, and back extension can mean the baby is in pain or dealing with spinal tension.

•Difficulty breastfeeding
Occasionally, issues with latching on and maintaining that latch stems from pain or discomfort with the feeding position. If your baby cannot comfortably turn their head to latch properly, an adjustment can help increase the neck’s range of motion.

•Head tilting or irregular head shape
Have you observed your baby’s tendency to only tilt or rotate their head to one side? This may indicate a restriction of the neck. Neck restriction can also contribute to flat spots on the head by interfering with neck rotation.

Some additional symptoms worth discussing with a chiropractor are: chronic ear infections, constipation, and acid reflux.

Here is what some patients have to say: