A lesson from Dr. Dana O’Neil!

“Chiropractic first, drugs second, surgery last.” – Dr. Dana O’Neil

Chiropractic has been effective in many sufferers of spine and disc problems, although chiropractic is not just for back and disc problems; it can be effective for your entire body. Being under chiropractic care may help your spine from deterioration and herniation.

According to Robert Mendelsohn, MD, “I have seen more than one case in which spinal surgery was avoided by individuals who decided to see a chiropractor.” The people that have followed his advise have avoided having the back surgery.

Back surgery for a herniated disc should be your last resort. This is because, of course any surgery is dangerous, but the problem can reoccur even after the surgery procedure. This is where chiropractic comes in handy, because being under chiropractic care may help maintain the disc. In one study that was performed by Dr. Ben Eliyahu; patients documented with disc herniation were given chiropractic care. Post care MRI’s revealed that 63% of the patients had a reduced or completely restored disc herniation and 78% returned to work.

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