O’Neil Chiropractic Centers has two locations in the Louisville metropolitan area for your convenience. One located in the St. Matthews area of Louisville, Kentucky and one located in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

At O'Neil Chiropractic Centers, we are devoted to helping people increase their quality of life through the evidence-based, effective and safe healthcare alternative of Chiropractic.

“When we have a health challenge of any type, we should always give the body the chance to heal itself first through the use of chiropractic spinal care, gentle exercise and good nutrition. Drugs are a distant second, and surgery, of course, is a last resort.” -Dr. O'Neil


"Many of the chronic problems we suffer from as we age, tend to be magnified when we allow years of small and seemingly insignificant, traumatic events to build up and cause wear and tear on our bodies. The biggest impact on health can be made when chiropractic protocols are used to make corrections to younger and more malleable patients." - Dr. Kleinman


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You have the right to rescind within seventy-two (72) hours any obligation to pay for services performed the same day, in addition to any free or discounted services.

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